How To Tell Whether Your Water Leak Is Coming From Your Roof Or Your Air Conditioner

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An important first step in determining the source of a water leak is to observe where the water damage is. If there is damage on lower floors and there is no observable damage above it, check the air conditioners above the area. If there is damage above the floors where AC units are present or on the roof itself, the roof should be inspected and Phoenix roof repairs done accordingly. Inspect the AC units individually, condensation is generated when most AC units operate. It is particularly prevalent in humid climates. If condensation is seen to drip onto non waterproofed surfaces it is likely to be causing water damage. Look for pools or dampness under the unit, and place a container to catch water to determine the amount of leakage.

water-leaks-arizona-roofing-150x150If observable dripping is seen note the frequency. If it stops when air conditioners are turned off, inspect the unit in question or call a certified ac contractor. If dripping corresponds with rain fall it is best to inspect attics and contact a roofing contractor. Consider the age of the roof when inspecting for the source of the leak. Though roofs can start leaking at any time, older roofs are significantly more likely to start leaking. When inspecting roofs in an attic look for discoloration of the wood, this may be the result of water dripping into the house. Look to see where the stain starts, as this is the likely origin of the leak. After or during rainfall check for any dampness in the area. If any is found the best course of action is roof repair or replacement.

With window units it is important to insure they are leaning slightly downward away from the window when installed. This insures that any condensation will drip away from the building. Larger permanent units should be installed by a qualified AC contractor to insure that they are located with proper drainage. If units are mounted on a roof improperly they may result in roof leakage. Check to see if there is water pooled under the unit on a dry day when the unit is operating. If so, consult either an AC or PHX roofing contractor. Proper instillation is important to reduce the possibility of water damage.

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