Three Home Services You Need for the New Year

Many New Year’s resolutions get pushed aside but there is one resolution that deserves attention this year and that is the resolution to take better care of your home. Every homeowner knows the importance of conducting proper maintenance to keep up the safety and comfort of a home but there are three things that many homeowners overlook on a yearly basis. This year, resolve to take better care of your home by servicing the pool and air conditioner and inspecting the roof. These are three simple services that make a big difference when it comes to household upkeep.

Most of us let pool servicing fall to the wayside during the winter months. For those of us lucky enough to live in the Southern states from Arizona to Florida then having your pool serviced is probably something you do often. Either way, it is extremely important to make sure the pool is maintained. Pool cleaning is important to help maintain a level of cleanliness which is in turn important for a safe and healthy swimming experience. Without proper cleaning it is easy for minerals to build up along the walls of the pool which makes for a nasty and sometimes expensive service so it is far easier to clean it regularly throughout the year. Pool cleaning generally entails skimming the surface, clearing the filers, using a pool vacuum, and checking the water’s pH. It is also necessary to have a pool pump repair service done if the pump is not working properly. Pool pump repair is vitally important when draining the pool’s water for the winter. A broken pump can cause severe damage to the pool.

Another necessary service for homeowners involves contacting an air conditioner contractor in order to have the air conditioner serviced. This is again something that is important to prepare the air conditioner for warm summer months. However, for those of us once again living in the Southern belt from Arizona to Florida it is vital to have the AC serviced all year long. Many homeowners overlook this service until it is broken which is too late. Contact an air conditioner contractor to check up on the air conditioners and perform any routine maintenance that may be necessary. It is very important to have an air conditioning professional vacuum out the unit using a heavy duty and high pressure vacuum. They will also examine the filter and exchange it if necessary. The coils themselves will also need to be cleaned and checked on to ensure that they are operating properly. Do not wait until an air conditioner or clogged or broken to service it because that is far more costly and inconvenient.

Finally, all homeowners should resolve to contact a roofing company to have their roofs inspected this year. It is extremely important to inspect a roof regularly to ensure that there are no safety hazards. Unfortunately, roofs tend to take a lot of the year round damage from storms, rain, wind, and other weather elements so they can be damaged without the occupants knowing anything is wrong. After contacting a roofing company, an inspector will arrive to examine the roof. This entails them looking at the structure and giving an estimate as to how long the roof will last and a report of its condition. Roof inspectors do not tear up roofs or remove anything. It is important to be proactive when it comes to roof inspection because similar to the other services mentioned, it can be extremely expensive to fix after a problem arises. So contact a roofing company soon to ensure that your roof is safe and functional. If it is not then you will know to have a new roof installed immediately.

While there are many pros to owning a home it may also be a lot of hard work. If you resolve to keep up with the maintenance of the house each and every year then that work will become more of a habit and less of a hassle. Start this year off right by having the pool and air conditioner serviced and the roof inspected. It will make life easier in future months when you are ready to enjoy the pool, relax in the air conditioner, or replace the roof. It is vital with each of the aforementioned services to be proactive and have them completed before there is a problem to prevent possible complications so act now.

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