Heat Pump Systems and Installation

For climates such as Phoenix which as moderate cooling and heating than places in the east coast or Midwest, Phoenix heat pump systems are the best option. The system works by making cool areas cooler and warm places even warmer. For instance, on a hot day, the heat pumps draw from inside and takes it outside. This causes the interior of the house to become cooler and leaves the hot air where it needs to be—outside.

Before a heat pump installation can begin, it’s important for residents to know the different types of systems available. For instance, the most common heat pump used is known as the air-source heat pump. This pump uses the air (as mentioned above) to make the property either cooler or warmer. For properties without a duct system installed can incorporate a mini-split heat pump instead of an air-source one.

Heat pump installation also includes geothermal and reverse cycle chiller systems. The geothermal heat pump can either consist of a water or ground source system. The water-source pump uses water close to the property and the ground-source uses the landscape to operate instead of the air. A reverse cycle chiller works with the air like the air source heat pump. However, Phoenix air conditioning contractors can connected to radiant floor heating systems in the property to add a little extra warmth on cool nights or days.

Typically heat pumps depend on electric to operate, but there is a gas powered system called an absorption heat pump. This type of system is also referred to as a gas-fired pump. Although it’s run by gas, the pump does the same work as an electric powered one. It transports the cool air to warm places and vice versa.

Regardless of the type of heat pump chosen, residents can save more money than installing a heating and air conditioning system. Prices may vary. For instance, the geothermal heat pump may cost more than the others to install, but it could save more money. The contractor a resident chooses can answer the specific questions about PHX heat pumps prices and installation.

Heat pump systems are gaining popularity among home owners because of how efficient they are to run both in the summer and winter. With the costs of everything rising, having a heating and cooling system to run for cheaper is quite attractive to many people. Phoenix air conditioner contractors are having to try and keep up with the demand of these great systems.

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