Whether the Phoenix, Arizona is humid and hot throughout the day or not, residents shouldn’t be without a high quality heating and air conditioning system. Finding the right system for a property owner’s specific home comfort needs can be a little challenging. Are heating and air conditioning systems better than heat pump systems? Is contacting a Trane dealer the best option?

Regardless of the questions Phoenix residents have, installing the right air conditioning starts with locating the best Phoenix AZ air conditioner contractors for the job.

How to Choose an Air Conditioning Contractor in Phoenix

The peace of mind individuals who hire the service of Phoenix air conditioner contractors receives is worth the investment. They have at their fingertips access to the reputable company’s name, phone number, website and other forms of contact information. When hiring a novice, there is always the risk that they will be unreachable in the event that future problems arise.

Those preparing for an upcoming Phoenix ac installation should take serious consideration before deciding on who is best fit to perform this important task. While the urge to take on the task personally may be tempting in today’s struggling economy, it should be kept in mind the problems that could rise as a result, often costing much more in the long run than to make the initial investment in the services of a professional air conditioner contractor.

There are many ways to find a good or even great ac contractor in Phoenix without looking through the yellow pages. Contacting the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is one good idea. In addition, property owners should try:

Inquiring About a License and Insurance

It’s easy to assume that all contractors are licensed to air conditioning work. They aren’t. Thus, residents should ask the contractors they contact if they have a valid Arizona contractor license and insurance. The legitimate air conditioner contractors do and are not afraid to show potential clients their license.

Property owners should be satisfied with seeing contractors’ Arizona contractor license. They should make sure that the companies are insured too. Insurance, typically referred as workers compensation insurance, protects contractors who are hurt during any air conditioning or Phoenix heat pump installation that occurs on the property.

Calling References

Also, obtain at least four references from the PHX air conditioning contractors in the running for the installation job. The references must come from the contractors. Residents should not be satisfied with having the names and contact information of the references. They should take the time to call each reference and ask plenty of questions about the company, quality of work and the type of work completed.

Property owners can also conduct their own research and ask their family, friends and neighbors about any contractors they used. For example, if one of the family members used a contractor on a resident’s list, he or she can provide additional information that the contractor’s reference may not provide.

Asking About Experience

Air conditioning installation (or any heating and air conditioning installation) requires someone who has the experience and know-how to do the job right. Thus, people should consider how many years of air conditioning, heat pump or air conditioning repair experience contractors have before hiring them. Phoenix residents should also couple that experience with a good reputation. For instance, a contractor with 30 years of HVAC experience and a bad reputation should be avoided.

After Gathering all the Important Information

Ultimately, selecting among the Phoenix air conditioner contractors on the long list comes down to comfort and confidence. Residents must feel comfortable with the contractor they choose. Also, they must feel confident that they have chosen the right contractor for the job. Both confidence and comfort builds a better, trusting business relationship between the property owner and contractor.

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