Temperature Masters is a family, father and son, Air Conditioning Contracting Business with 60 years field experience. Temperature Masters is known for attention to detail with reasonable prices for High End Equipment. In order to stay ahead of competition, Temperature Masters uses a unique installation method for Roof Top Air Conditioning. It is a Roof Mounting System which eliminates the complications of dealing with a variety of Roof Pitches. By doing away with multiple job site visits and custom fabrications, Temperature Masters only needs 3 ½ hours to install a System. The money saved by this time and labor saving process is then passed onto customers. Temperature Masters developed this process and Patented it.


Another method which passes on savings to customers is through 100% recycling of every old System that is removed. Most Air Conditioners weigh between 300 – 500 pounds. The value of copper, aluminum and steel adds up quickly. These dollars are credited to you and factored into the final installed price.

These are just two ways Temperature Masters provides a better product at a better price.