How to Clean Your Mesa AC Drain Pipe


It’s that time of year again: Temperatures in Mesa AZ are heading into the triple digits and your air conditioner is going to have to kick into high gear to

keep your home comfortable. Now is not the time for your air conditioner to break down. Taking care of the proper air conditioner maintenance is essential to keep your ac unit humming all summer long.

Cleaning your air conditioner’s drain pipe is one of the most important things you can do for your Mesa air conditioner maintenance. Over time, bugs, debris or even algae can accumulate inside your drain, clogging it and causing an overflow. If this happens, water can seep into your walls or your ceiling, causing expensive damages.

Cleaning your air conditioner’s drain pipe is a job that you can easily do yourself.

Cleaning Your AC Drain Pipe with Vinegar

Algae is a common cause of clogged drain pipes, and it can be easily cleaned with simple white vinegar, the kind that you use for cooking. Simply remove the plug at the end of the pipe and pour in a cup of white vinegar. The vinegar will slowly dissolve the algae and should remove the clog. If you have a
severe clog, the process could take several applications. Adding vinegar to the drain pipe every few months or so can also help to prevent algae from accumulating.

Using a Wet Vacuum

If something else besides algae is clogging your pipe, a wet vacuum can help get it out. Open up the pipe and attach the nozzle over the end. Keep suctioning until the debris is clear. Just make sure you use a wet vacuum that has strong suction to get all the debris through the long drain pipe. If you need a better fit, you can change out the nozzle so that it better fits your drain pipe.

Assessing Drain Pipe Problems

One of the biggest signs that there is a problem with your drain pipe is that it isn’t dripping. While dripping might be a sign of a problem in other parts of your home, such as your plumbing, it’s a healthy sign in your air conditioner’s drain pipe. Another sign that your drain pipe is clogged is that water is coming out of the overflow pipe.

A clogged drain pipe can not only lead to damages in your home, but it can also compromise the ability of the air conditioner to function efficiently. The air conditioner could run weaker or stop working completely. Comfort Experts can perform a thorough Mesa AC inspection to look for signs of a clogged pipe or any other problems to make sure your air conditioner is in top shape for the season. Our expert ac contractors provide services in Mesa AZ and the surrounding area. We make sure that your air conditioner is ready for the demands you are about to place on it in the hot summer months, and we can repair your unit to get it up and running fast.

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